A Final Trip to the Island

This past weekend, Hubby’s birthday did a great job of sneaking up on me. Luckily, it is around the time that the family needs to close up the island cabin for winter, and that turned out to be his birthday wish. He was looking forward to getting some work done on the island’s boathouse, which has been threatening to completely collapse the past few winters. Hubby thoroughly enjoys projects like this. Woodworking, being outdoors, and saving a piece of family history equals one happy Hubby!

This island has always been a special place for the family. It is where we have spent many weekends, birthdays, and all-around exciting times. Hubby and I even held our wedding ceremony there. This island contains an ethereal, fantastical quality that instantly creates a feeling of serenity the moment you step onto its shores. It’s about the size of a square city block, with a little cabin on one side, a beautiful beach, and a small point with the signature boulder.

Pictures don’t do it justice, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

Golden hour at the island
Golden hour at the island

The beautiful “Afternoon Beach” is great for finding skipping stones, crayfishing, bird watching, or swimming. Or just being adorable on a beach, as Blueberry demonstrates for us often.

Afternoon Beach
Afternoon Beach

“Morning Beach” is something very different. This beach is more of a cliff-face, and the water isn’t easily accessible. This also means that only moss and grass can grow on the bedrock, and the area near the cliff is open. So after walking through a dense forest, all of sudden everything opens up to you. The wind likes to pick up speed across the bay, and it can glide through your hair, or whip across your face. Either way, you immediately stop and take notice of where you are.

My guide to Morning Beach
My guide to Morning Beach

As night fell over this weekend, work on the boathouse was forced to stop, and I began working on putting together a birthday dinner. The island cabin is in pretty rough shape, and there is no electricity or running water, so this dinner was a bit more difficult than usual. But homegrown veggies helped transform a dull spaghetti plate into something flavorful and memorable. The MIL’s homemade cheesecake with fresh raspberries finished out the evening.

Hubby's birthday cheesecake
Hubby’s birthday cheesecake

The next morning and afternoon was focused on finishing the boathouse repairs, bringing in the dock and boat lift, then general cleaning of the cabin. This part is always bittersweet. Cleaning has never been my favorite thing, and I don’t like knowing that it will be months before I can return to this place. But this time, I used this time to look forward with anticipation to the next spring. I planned out projects and items that would be needed for next time, and dreamed about what Blueberry doing then. She will be nearing two years old, and I can only guess as to what she will be up to!

All packed up!
All packed up!

As bittersweet as the experience is, it is one of the necessary experiences for keeping a secluded island cabin. The natural beauty of this place makes everything worthwhile. A serene island in the middle of a busy bay, which completely rejuvenates the soul: something that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world.

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