Making Lemonade Out of Ballots

IMG_2537Recently, I accepted a supervisor position in my town’s local government. I know it will be some work, but I’m also really excited to directly affect change in my community. I will also be finding myself in new positions around the town. This Tuesday found me as an election judge for my area. I have voted many times before, but never really gave the judges much thought. I usually had been thinking about the specific issues and candidates at hand. However, the 2008 national election brought the voting processes into sharp view for me. I had never seen so many people at our usual polling place, and there were some that were in a sour disposition because of the long wait. As we finally got to the front of the line, I distinctly remember the polling judges being extremely chipper, and eager to help. I was moved by their dedication to the position, and ensuring that everyone have the opportunity to vote.

Taking this into account, I made sure to give myself every opportunity to give this experience to each voter that arrived at my polls. Mostly, this consisted of a huge array of snacks and “rewards” (i.e. chocolate) for the voters, and creative beverages for me and my fellow judges. No alcohol, of course, but a tropical creation that has lifted many spirits before: Coconut Pineapple Limeade! To create this, I simply reconstituted Limeade and Pineapple juices from concentrate, and added a teaspoon of coconut extract, then topped each glass with seltzer water. It was a hit!

Since the area I was in is quite small, there were definite lulls between voters. In order to keep my own mind occupied, and assuage my need to be productive, I had a skein of yarn and a crochet hook. I went into the day without a plan for the yarn, and just let it speak to me. I eventually landed on a pattern for a fall/winter headband. It was going to take up the right amount of yarn, and it was easy enough that I could still pay attention to what was going on around me. The results turned out great!
IMG_2541As I mentioned before, here is the pattern if you would like to make one yourself.

I had a fantastic time sitting around with my other judges, chatting, creating, eating – it’s everything I could have wanted out of that chilly afternoon! And I even had a headband to keep me warm!

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