To Knit Again: Bella’s Mittens

This winter has brought on a huge urge to purge. I’ve been getting rid of things left and right around the house, in hopes to clear away some of the clutter. I have cleared away a lot, and then it came time to turn my purging-eyes toward the craft room. As painful as it was, it had to be done. I was ripping out some of my “unfinished objects”, or UFO’s, and found a large amount of a bulky-weight yarn. This yarn spoke to me. I had been charged with creating something for a few of my family members as holiday presents. For one recipient, I chose to create mittens, and I knew this yarn would be perfect.

Bella's Mittens 2It has been a long time since I’ve knit anything. I have gotten into a crochet-rut of sorts, and haven’t been knitting. Whenever something needs to be made, I’ve reached for the hooks instead of the needles. But when the necessity of mittens came around, the crochet versions weren’t jumping out at me. They didn’t grab my attention, and get me excited about creating.

Then I saw these.

How perfect are these mittens?

I had seen these mittens around Ravelry a ton, but had never really thought of them as a project I would undertake. But once I made the decision to use the bulky-weight yarn, and decided to make the switch to knitting, these mittens came up to the top of my list.
Bella's Mittens 1
This pattern was great! For jumping back into knitting after my ‘hiatus’, it was extremely easy for me to follow. The most rewarding part of this pattern was that it worked up quickly. It is so much easier for me to remain excited about a project when I can easily see the results forming in front of my eyes.

Bella's Mittens 3

There were a couple things that I didn’t like with this pattern, but they were very minor. I was a little off-put by the magic-loop cast on method combination with this pattern. I had recently learned the magic-loop cast on in my knitting group, and I was excited to put it to use. But when the mittens were completed, the magic loop made the edges of the mitten very stiff, and a little unattractive. If I were to make this exact pattern again, I would change up the cast on method to one with a little more give, like a knit cast on, or a tubular cast on.

The other thing that bugged me about the finished pattern, was that when the cables were completed the horseshoe or antler design of the pattern creates a small hole. It isn’t noticeable to an onlooker, but it could be noticeable to the wearer.

Bella's Mittens 4
Overall, I am so excited that I finished these mittens! It was a great way to ease me back into the world of knitting. I will probably make them again, but mix-up the cable pattern, and the cast on. This pair was destined for a specific family member, and I know there are several others that wished for them!

3 thoughts on “To Knit Again: Bella’s Mittens

  1. I can’t believe it! I just got a request from your sibling to make oversized mittens to match the hat I knit. A bulky yarn cabled hat. This pattern will be perfect!


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