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Have you found @sisuberry on Instagram yet? I’m documenting my journey through life on the North Shore of Lake Superior through photographs. I love using photographs to tell a story. Occasionally, I will find an “assignment” that will spark my creativity, and hurl me into motivation.

I’m so excited to show you all my current photography assignment: Project 365! This is a major undertaking for me. In this assignment, you are charged with taking (at least) one photo every day. I’m currently using the hashtag #Project365 to track my progress, and you can find all the photos I’ve posted on @sisuberry’s Instagram page.

There are many approaches to performing Project 365, and there are even several websites that have a word or phrase to capture for each day. I started by using one of these lists, but ended up feeling too constrained by the lists. So I’ve branched out, and just charge myself with taking and posting at least one picture, per day.

As I said, this is a major undertaking for me. Normally, projects like this will fizzle out after a few weeks, I will lose interest, and eventually quit. But I found some advice early on in my photographing that has stayed with me. “Forgive yourself”. Before I even picked up a camera for this assignment, I forgave myself for the days that I was going to miss. I knew it was going to happen, and I didn’t want to keep an unrealistic goal for myself. This has kept me going for three months so far!

At the very end of the year, my gift to myself for finishing this assignment will be a professionally bound book of all of the photos I’ve taken for this project.

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Follow my journey (and keep me accountable!) @sisuberry on Instagram!

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