Whether dancing over moss covered woodland trails, singing to the stoic cliff faces, or furiously finishing a creation as fast as my fingers will take me, all of these North Woods experiences are sacred and shareable.

This space is an area for me to share the beauty and excitement that surrounds my family. Creating artwork is a method I use to meditate, relieve anxiety, and find balance within myself. Traveling forces me out of my comfort zone, but also allows me to fully experience the wonderful world around me. Experimenting in the kitchen is a form of magic in my eyes. I can take many separate ingredients, arrange them together carefully, and just like magic: I have a wonderfully flavorful dish that brings nourishment and joy to my family.

What is ‘Sisuberry’?

About Me

The name Sisuberry comes first from the Finnish word “sisu“. It doesn’t have a direct English translation, but it generally means ‘gumption’ or ‘to have guts’. Although it is a Finnish word, it is very commonly used in my small community. It is something that I strive to embody in my everyday life. The second part of the word ‘Sisuberry’ comes from my firstborn, who’s nickname in utero was Blueberry. I can’t describe how much she has changed me for the better. Combining the two clicked in my head one day, and I’ve been off and running ever since.

Here I will be sharing my experiences. For the good and bad are all a part of life, and are worth sharing and remembering.

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