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Stop Buying: Taco Seasoning

Our current culture in America is all about consuming. Advertisements and commercials tell us that there are many things wrong in our lives, and if we only purchase their ‘wonder product’, everything will be better. These ‘wonder products’ are usually pre-made and packaged versions of products that people have been making themselves for decades. Buying… Continue reading Stop Buying: Taco Seasoning


Rainy Day Handiwork – Crochet Bows

Rainy days are the best…sometimes. There are some rainy days that are perfect for creativity. The weather might be dreary, cold, and damp, but the energy is high, and the creative juices are flowing. These days just beg to have a cozy cuddle on the couch, a cup of hot tea, and an old nostalgic… Continue reading Rainy Day Handiwork – Crochet Bows